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Happy New Year!

How do you celebrate the New Year? Whether you drink something special, make goals or spend time with loved ones we want to hear it!

Kiss Cookies

Kiss cookies are a yummy, chocolatey way to celebrate the holidays. Try a minty flavour for extra holiday spirit, or the delicious original!

Decorating for Christmas

How do you decorate for the holidays? In Canada it's common to decorate both the inside and outside of your home for the December holidays.

St. Nikolaus Day

St. Nikolaus Day is the first holiday that my family celebrates in December, and it is full of fun traditions that we like to share.

Christmas Countdowns

Anticipation leading up to Christmas can be enhanced by doing a daily countdown to Christmas day itself. Do you do a Christmas countdown?

Fall Leaves

Fall is arguably the most colourful time of the year in Canada, and it brings lots of fun new activities to enjoy outside!

Halloween in Canada

Halloween is widely celebrated in Canada, so if you plan to be in Canada for October 31 it is a good idea to know what to expect!

Thanksgiving in Canada

Do you know the difference in history between Thanksgiving between the US and Canada? As it turns out, Canada's history is much longer...

Bear Safety

Bear safety is a key element of wilderness safety when you are outside in bear country. Learn how to avoid having problems with black bears

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