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Let's have a picnic!

Do you enjoy going out for picnics with your family? Have a fun, easy evening out by packing a picnic and heading to your favourite spot.


Summer holds plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun! Do you prefer to attend festivals? Play at the beach? What about pick fruit?

How to braid hair

Braiding hair is simple to do, but not everyone has learned how to create a simple braid. This beginners level post teaches how to braid.

Mother's Day

Mothers are kind, caring individuals who take care of their own, or other's children. What makes your mom special to you?

Planting a Garden

Have you planted a garden before? Knowing when to plant your seeds and what to plant can help you be successful, even your first time.

Tick Safety

It's tick season, which makes it a perfect time to refresh your memory on how to avoid and handle unwanted attention from these critters.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Whether you celebrate the religious or secular version of Easter the reality is that it's always nice to have a long weekend.

Spring is Here!

As Spring comes and the days get longer there are lots of things to see as the world celebrates waking up from a long winter's rest.

Music and Learning

Music has an amazing ability to trigger learning in the brain, so why not use it to your advantage when learning something new?

A Welcome Addition

Kailani Aiyana Kello joined our family on February 28, and it's time for her to meet all of you!

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays and birthday celebrations are celebrated differently around the world. They can also depend on the age of the birthday person!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be celebrated in many different ways - whether you are in a relationship or not. How will you spend the "love" holiday?

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