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About ESL Universe

About ESL Universe

After Calida moved back to Canada from Korea she began privately tutoring some students. As lessons went on, Calida noticed that there were lots of resources available on the internet, but without a teacher guiding the student through the exercises they weren’t as effective.  Grammar and vocabulary worksheets were easy to find, and were helpful for their specific topic.  However, pronunciation often got overlooked as it is not easy to make an effective worksheet on pronunciation.  Teachers can help with this challenge; however hiring a private tutor is often not financially possible for many learners and class times do not always work with a busy schedule. During these lessons, it quickly became clear that short, specific, guided lessons were the missing piece of the puzzle for these dedicated learners. The idea for ESL Universe began to form.

As technology and Social Media has improved, so has the idea for ESL Universe.  There is no equivalent to being able to work with a live teacher when learning, but teachers have limited time available.  Through creating short video clips, learners can participate at their own pace, and at times that are convenient for them.  Lessons that have one specific focus do not have to be long, which makes it possible to watch a lesson during a work break, or on a commute to work.  Social media can be used for communication, and videos posted online can be accessible to anyone – regardless of their economic status.  While technology has improved, so has international communication.  English is becoming more and more important in many countries, and these resources can make the difference between getting a good job or not for some individuals. 

ESL Universe is an organization that works to make English language learning practical, accessible, and fun for learners of all levels, from all over the world.  Learning English as a second language (ESL) can be difficult, but it is possible to do it using these short, quality ESL resources that fit into any daily routine.  Learn with us today!

About Calida


Calida Kello

Owner / ESL Instructor

Hi!  My name is Calida Kello and I’m excited that you’ve started on this journey with me.  I currently live in Nova Scotia, Canada with my husband, Jamie, and my son, Jerric (3).

I love the outdoors, and try to spend at least some time being active every day. Jerric keeps me busy, and he encourages me to do all kinds of fun things, and use my imagination.  When I have some quiet time I enjoy reading, baking, and crocheting.

I love travelling, learning languages, and experiencing cultures. So far I have travelled to 29 countries and I always look forward to my next trip. Through my travels I have learned that access to high quality English instruction is not always available, yet English skills are highly desirable in many countries.

My background in teaching English began shortly after completing my B.Sc. in Animal Biology, when I immediately returned to University to complete an intensive program for Teaching English as a Second Language.  After several years of teaching full time, I completed a Masters degree in Education in Adult Learning and Global Change. I have learned a lot through my teaching, including about the barriers that exist for many learners as they try to achieve their goals.  I believe that constant learning is important in life, and that learning opportunities can come from anywhere as long as you have an open mind. 

In order to be a catalyst for global change, my goal is to make learning English accessible to everyone, regardless of their background.  I hope that you join me, and learn with me as we work together to build a global community.

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